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700 W. Beach

Front Footage and owners from left to right in 1930s
Current Residential addresses to right

274'       GB Parker (partially shown)              
292'       AK Simmons                                     738
  40'       AK Simmons
174'       DD Curran            (Currently Jackson Colony)
  96'       Mrs MB Price                                  726
  96'       LM Penrose                                      722
194'       W Gilmore                                         716
110'       Meyer Eiseman                             710
  64'       HC Davidson                                     706
130'       EB Chotard Estate                           700


 Pescud home at left originally part of current Beach Vista Subdivision.  At right is Simmons Mansion #738.
JB Simmons, a N.O. businessman owned #738 as a summer residence and had added the tall white columns.   La. Gov. John Parker's sister, Sadie, had owned it earlier.    The original structure was built by John Henderson.  Destroyed by Camille.

710 W. Beach

     "Its groves of oaks and magnolias and its surrounding forests of pine are covered with perennial verdure.  Their evergreen foliage produces the impression that one is in the midst of a region of perpetual summer;  and this impression is not far wrong as the climate is so mild that roses and violets bloom through the short winter."

Quoting below from "Along the Coast," as written in 1895:

!     "The Horner Place"is known as about the finest estate in the Pass, and is the property of Mrs. Jos P. Horner, widow of the celebrated lawyer of New Orleans.  The Horner place is situated upon a high tract of land, with a beautiful lawn dotted here and there with lovely beds of rare flowers and huge shade trees so much that you can remain on the lawn all day and never be trouble with the sun.  Numerous drives and walks are beautifully laid out in great order throughout the estate.  The house itself is a magnificent residence, built on the cottage plan, that has a wide gallery all around it, containing numerous windows and doors so that every breeze is caught and wafted in, and when the breeze blows from the gulf, the odor of the shrubbery and flowers of the garden are swept inside.  Along the rear and sides, two large windows are on either side of the main building.  The guest rooms and out houses make this not only the finest, but the largest estate at the Pass.  Jos. P Horner spent thousands of dollars on this place in order to bring it up to his idea of a joyful summer residence, and as he was not without refined taste in everything, it is but natural that he succeeded in placing his house at the Pass among those of the highest standard along the gulf coast.  This makes an ideal summer home for anybody or a winter residence as well, for it contains all the conveniences necessary for such a place.  The hunting directly in the rear of this estate is one of the best along the coast and the fishing is noted for the excellent class of the finny tribe that is usually caught here, there may be a few places on the gulf coast that are as attractive as the Horner Place, but there are none more comfortable or has more conveniences than it has. (350 feet situated west of Pescud in 700 block of W Beach. Spanning Vista /BeachView streets.)

The Horner Place in 1895

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