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100 E Beach Cont

Front Footage and owners from left to right in 1930s
(North Side of Beach Avenue)
     127   JB Stroud (Current Church Rectory)
     170   St. Paul Church
     38     HN Bohn

(South Side of Beach Avenue)
150      St Paul Church
            Tailor  (Photography/Movies -- The Kozy Theater)

(Anonymous Continued)
     Next, the house (present Rectory at #127) was owned by a Mr. Stroud, who moved his kitchen and servants quarters around to face the Gulf.  It was later owned by Mrs Margaret Gouse.
     Next, the Church
     Just west of the (new) Catholic church, was a a store building.  It was rolled back to Second Street and used as a grocery called the Red Store.
     Next, on the (then) east side of St. Paulís was Bohnís Shoe Store.  Next was the Sisterís of Mercy Convent.  It was a two story house with porches on the South and East.  After being in use for a number of years it was torn down and the Bohnís Shoe Store building was bought by the Church and used for the Sisterís Convent.  After the 1969 Storm, the Rectory opposite the Church was destroyed, and they couldnít get nuns to run the school, the priests used the Bohnís Shoe store (former temporary convent) for a Rectory until about 1981, when a tornado destroyed the (that) Rectory.  
     Next, at the corner of St Paulís and Scenic was a small rental cottage owned by Mrs Emma Shomacher, made famous for her cakes.

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