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Mexican Gulf

     The Mexican Gulf Hotel when originally built in 1883, is shown for the most part as diagramed above until burning down in 1917.  Upon examination of Sanborn Maps, there were a number of cosmetic and interior renovations, but the foundation and grounds complex essentially remained the same.  
     Some conceptions passed down through the years prove different upon examination.  Most obvious is that the hotel building did not extend all the way to Second Street.  In fact, a significant lot portion facing Second Street appears to be completely separate along the division line as shown above.  Some maps show a building on the NE corner and a livery stable further east on Second Street.  
     Another misconception was that the Hotel Guest Cottages were moved to Scenic, but actually, only one at most, would have been moved, if any at all, because the other beach cottages were already built on their displayed sites.

     All available photographs seem to give the illusion that the hotel was much larger than as scaled above.