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500 E Beach

Front Footage and owners from left to right in 1930s and 1950s
Current Residential addresses to right


        1930s                                 1950s
 70      CT Hardie                    82' Joseph Hardie                                 501
100     CA Tessier                   93' Catherine Hanson                            503
 70      SH Saucier                         Mrs Arnold                                      507
 38      NJ Karst                            NJ Karst                                          509
 63      ED Bohn                            ED Bohn                                           511
                                       ** (probable eastern boundary of Charles Asmard Claim at lot division)

100     AG Patterson                    Joseph Menendez                            513
150     GW Clay                           Carol Broome                                   519

** A 1920s Map records the Asmard Claim as the Charles Asmond Claim #17 with the West line shown as 156' west of Market Street.
The East line is shown as approximately 330' from the west side of Seal Avenue --- at that time bordering the east side of J. Shilo, (Charlot) a 50' wide lot.

519 E Beach

(Anonymous Continued)
      Next, the corner house (#501) on the east side of Seal Avenue was known as the Melodia House.  The home was also owned by the Gaudets,  the Ritayiks, and the Aireys.A Presbyterian Church was across from it on the beach side.  It was washed away in the 1915 Storm.  
     Next was a large dark blue and white house once owned by the Herbert Hansons (#503).  They divided it into apartments.  Two of their daughters were married there.
     The white house was built by T.V. (Clausel) Courtenay for Mrs. Sidney Saucier (#507) who gave it to one of her daughters, and then (later) owned by a grandson, Wilson Arnold.  There was a store across the street from that house.
     The Karst home (509) later owned by the Mingledorffs is one of the best built homes in the Pass because it endured many storms that damaged other structures.  However, it was almost destroyed by fire as a result of one of the Karst twins striking a match in a closet which immediately burst into flames.
     Barbara Mathews’s home (#511) was given to her by her father, Edgar Bohn.  It was originally situated on the beach side before being moved across Scenic Drive.  It was placed to the rear of the lot with intentions of building a new home in the front.
     The Breaux, Menendez, Pritchard home (#513), while owned by Mrs. Breaux, had a sign on the residence that clearly stated, “This is My Home and I’ll do as I Damn Please!”
     The Westfelts offered their home for the first Toast to the Coast fund raisers.
     The large former Clay home (519)was being renovated by Mrs. Broom who was noted for providing drama instruction and directing plays in the community."

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