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400 E Beach

Front Footage and owners from left to right in 1930s and 1950s
Current Residential addresses to right

             1930s                                               1950s
83       CM Chapotel                  69'     CMChapotelEst                                401
113     AR Robertson               100'     Lucille/Irene Weston                        403
125     WA Cuevas                    120'     Edna Adam                                        409
80       WA Walsingham              80'     Thos Adams                                      413
92      H Cronovich                   100'     Earl Saucier                                       415
92      RL Simpson                     86'      Luther BarksdaleEst                        419

(Anonymous Continued)
     Next was the VFW (401) -- Destroyed by Katrina and replaced by a residence.
     The Baileys (403) once owned the house next to the VFW (401).  Dr. Lake’s first wife’s mother was a Bailey who married a Snowden, who was a minister. When Snowden died, the wife and four daughters moved back with the other Baileys.
     Before the Kaliff family moved into the home (403), the house had caught fire.  The Kaliffs were noted for giving fine parties during the holidays.
     The home now owned by James and Pat Mowry (413) was once owned by the Sorias, the Ferrias?, and the Tom Adamses.  Mrs Adams, when President of the Garden Club gave her daughter a wedding in the home which led to other brides of the community also being married there.  The grounds and gardens were always kept neat and beautiful.  The house was built in 1900.
     Next west is Rest Haven (415) owned by Mrs Chronovich and her sister Mrs Hammerback who converted the house as a rest home.  The next owners changed the name to High Oaks.
     The house next door was built in the early 1900s for Dr. Strong (419).  He sold it to Luther Barksdale, the “Dare Devil” who later sold it to Dr. Carter.  The Strongs built a smaller house on the beachside.  (As a bet, Barksdale drove his motorcycle across the Bay railroad bridge just 5 minutes before the train was scheduled to make its crossing)

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